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About Us

Jody-Ann and Devon Thompson are the Founders of Baby Cres

The creations by Baby Cres will make you a super-parent in the eyes of your family, for life.

Parents are unaware that many of the products they buy for their children are not socially nor environmentally sustainable, so we dedicate ourselves to the continued local development of family-specific Baby Cres Creations which help parents to give back to society in more ways than one.

Sustainable Designs and Environmentally Friendly

The problem of high cost, low value and unsustainable products are eliminated with the use of a Baby Cres Creation. We offer safe and high-quality creations for families which are built using sustainable practices that, with your help, will contribute to the development of families, society and the protection of our environment. 

Slave Labour and Consumerism

Child and slave labour is a major problem around the world as consumerism in the Western side of the world continues to drive those activities. You become a major contributor in the fight against child and slave labour when you buy a Baby Cres Creation as they are designed and produced locally by creators earning above the living wage.

Becoming a Good Global Citizen

Our customers want to be good global citizens, giving back to society when they can. You can’t do it on your own, so we make it easier for you to do that through every Baby Cres creation that you purchase.

Who We Are

We are social entrepreneurs, engineerings and sustainability innovators that create products and solutions that are currently helping our customers and recipients of our social program to become better parents and to build stronger families.

Become a 5 Star Hero

Owning a Baby Cres Creation makes you a 5 Star Hero. With a click of a button, you've helped in the creation of jobs and opportunities for other families in need while positively contributing to the reduction of child labour and the protection of our environment. Consider your Baby Cres Creation as a symbol of strength, love, safety and protection for your family and others. 

152 million children have been forced into child labour, translating to 1 in 10 of children globally. Nobody wants their purchase to contribute to child labour, you should ensure that the products you use for your family are sustainably made. Buying from Baby Cres guarantees that children are protected. Buy a Baby Cres Creation today, it will help you to make a positive impact on society.

How You'll Be Remembered

At the end of the day, you will be remembered as a super-parent in the eyes of your family, for life.

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