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Standing up for the future of our children

It's time to stand with freedom-loving citizens against political, social and economic systems that do not respect natural rights. We do this by means of education and action to develop a society that respects the right to life, liberty and property so that your children's futures are protected.  

Father | Husband | Engineer | Entrepreneur | Liberty Activist

My goal in life is to engineer a better future for my children, in extension, the rest of society. 

But I can’t do this alone. I am your guide, but you are the hero in this story. Hitler’s Nazi Germany lasted for 12 years and so in the same fashion, I expect that this modern-day fascism will last for more than 15 years. 

Help me to create a parallel system to starve fascism of the monetary and human capital it needs to survive.


Living Parallel

Grass Roots Economic Systems
Developing or repurposing decentralized cryptocurrency platforms to reduce reliance on fiat currency and the central banking system.  This will allow us to create a community of liberty-loving small businesses. Citizens will be able to make purchases from them to develop the economic strength of those who promote liberty

Grass Roots Political System 
Engage in liberty activism, reaching out to politicians locally and internationally about the importance of preserving natural rights. This includes providing support to the politicians or political parties willing to join us in defending our right to life, liberty and property, while at the same time, holding them accountable

Becoming Self-Sustainable
This means providing education and the means for more of us to become energy, water and food secure. We must no longer solely rely on the services of the Government. If a Government does seek to use its powers to restrict rights, we will be able to effectively and efficiently resist for a prolonged period of time.

We will live parallel to fascism until we can overcome it. This is how we defend our children's future

Subscribe To Rule of Liberty

Exclusive Access To Educational Content
I will overtime provide you with educational content teaching about:

1) Systems of Governance and Politics
2) Economic Systems and How Money Works
3) Energy Water and Food Sustainability

You will be on your way to being a hero in the eyes of your family and children, for life. 

A Front Row Seat To Change In Action
When you subscribe, you lend me the power you have as a citizen, so that I can engage with and meet with the possible political gatekeepers to our freedoms. 

You will be invited to join me in private and public meetings with these persons. 

- Learn my perspective of our political system
- Developing political training material for children
- Learn how to become self-sustainable
- Access to exclusive in-person meetings and trainings

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Do you have any questions?

Why should I subscribe?
I've decided to make the sacrifice to fight for liberty for the next 15 years of my life before my son turns 21. Subscribing allows me to do that, whether that be in a political capacity or otherwise.
What are the benefits of subscribing?
The knowledge that I have developed these past few years will be passed on to you through this subscription. I will also be developing away for you to communicate this knowledge to your children.
What is Baby Cres?
Baby Cres is the name of my company. It is a social corporation designed to develop sustainably sourced and supplied family products to families, including this subscription. 
Are you worried about being cancelled?
No. My business suffered losses due to the lockdowns and therefore has little left to lose in this avenue. I've therefore completely outfitted my business to fight back economically, socially and politically. 
How can I help to create a better world?
Subscribe today, that will enable to me create the resources needed to defend our natural-born rights and freedoms.
What is the rule of liberty?
Also known as the law of liberty, it states that every person has natural rights to their life, liberty and property so long as they do not infringe on the natural rights of others.
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