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Potty Training is Hard!

By Devon Thompson June 26, 2020 0 comments

Potty training is hard. I know this because I have a toddler. Learn how to potty train boys and girls

But why is it so difficult?

The answer? Patience. Many of us are working parents or self-employed. So you find that in order to provide for our families, we spend a lot of time away from them. This means that being away makes it difficult, not only to find the patience to get the job done, but the time.

Sure, many will say you are a parent, you MUST find time for your children. Of course that is true; but the reality of the world today is that such a thing can be difficult. However, with proper time management and little more patience, potty training will be over before you know it.

What are the signs that they are ready?

Don’t solely rely on age. There are tell tale signs that your child may be ready for potty training. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can your child walk to and sit on a toilet?
  • Is your child capable of pulling down his or her pants and can pull them up again?
  • Does your your child stay dry for up to two hours?
  • Will your child understand and follow basic directions?
  • Has your child learned to communicate when he or she needs to go?
  • Is your child showing interest in using the toilet or wearing “big-kid” underwear?

If the answer to these questions is mostly yes, then your child is ready. Is the answer no to most? Give it some time.

Source: Mayo Clinic 

How not to potty train your toddler!

  1. Starting too early might actually make the process more difficult
  2. Do not push potty training for number 2, before age 2
  3. Using negative words for potty training may have the opposite effect
  4. Kids tend to have trouble controlling their bladders at night, night potty training at an early stage is a no-no
  5. Relying too much on rewards for potty training could have the opposite effect

Source: Today’s Parent 

Tips on potty train your toddler

  1. Potty train your child in the morning and afternoons for a few hours. Include putting your child on the potty every 15 minutes, but allow them to drink, play and eat as normal. When you are done, put their diapers or pull-ups back on
  2. You can let your toddler run around the house naked! Yes you heard that right. If they are wearing just a shirt or are naked, with no diapers or underwear, their poo or pee will have nowhere to go. It will prompt them to want to put it somewhere…ding ding ding! The toilet
  3. Give a reward, but don’t go overboard
  4. Take it on the road with a portable potty


Potty training girls

Whether you have a boy or girl, one thing should be constant, time and patience. Apparently, girls aren’t as easily distracted as boys, so you’ll find that they will potty train much faster and easier. With that said, here are some tips:

  1. As her mom, show her how its done. Imitating you is one of the best ways to accomplish potty training
  2. Make sure you get the right size potty for her
  3. She needs to get comfortable with her potty. Show her that it’s hers and she owns it!
  4. Ensure you teach your daughter the importance of wiping properly. Teach her to always move the toilet paper from front to back

Source: Baby Center

Potty training boys

Do you have a boy climbing every couch, table and scaling every wall in your house? Maybe you have a quiet, calm and attentive little boy.  Good news! It doesn’t matter, all you need is time and patience. Here are some tips:

  1. Set a schedule and start when you think your child is ready
  2. As soon as your child wakes, put him on the potty. After eats, put him on the potty. Before bedtime, put him on the potty
  3. Don’t let him sit on the potty for more than 5 minutes. Take a break and move on to the next schedule
  4. Get yourself a portable potty. Taking it on the road doesn’t mean you have to stop potty training
  5. Work on getting him to stand and pee. Pointing, aiming and hitting the target is always tough. Even grown men still have trouble with this
  6. Reduce the use of diapers as much as possible

Source: Health Line

Potty training boys and girls

Other than the clear physical differences between boys and girls, the truth is that there are no real differences in the way that you potty train your child. There are girls who have short attention spans and climb walls and couches too. Boys who are super quiet and attentive.

As I have said throughout this entire article, the constants are time and patience. Don’t let anything hold you back.

What about potty training songs?

These are some of my son’s favorite potty training songs. These songs can make the process much easier for you and baby:

So it doesn’t need to be hard. You are ready to start

Make potty training a family affair. Whether it’s for travelling, at home, at a friends or at grandmas, we got you covered. We selected the best potty training products that will no doubt show your little one that their potty is theirs and that potty training can be fun and easy. They are also for moms and dads as well; you’ll do less work when you get potties that your children love.

First let me introduce you to the My Carry Potty Portable Potty

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